Capitol Olympics

Ok, so I missed the Opening Ceremonies, but I did get there just as the fire drill was ending. Hundreds of friends, dressed up in their full-on athletic gear, crowding the sidewalks around the Capitol Building was a sight to see – until we finally got up to the 101 Constitution rooftop and were able to see the really amazing wonder… a Michael Saylor party.

Each is bigger and better than the last, but costume parties always outdo themselves. There were aerialists, dancers, ice skaters (yes, she really kept those shoes on all night!), hockey players (yes, the guy in the Ovechkin jersey really was Ovechkin!), an NBC news crew, and a bunch of boxers – including me and Bill.

The band was incredible, but when ISN’T Mr. Greenegenes? DJ Seyhan rocked us out during band breaks. The weather was perfect. And the crowd… will be talking about this one for weeks!