Burgers are Back

Ray’s Hell-Burger, The Burger Joint, Shake Shack… Whether it’s celebrity chefs, the economy or a trendy return to childhood favorites (think cupcakes), burgers are back, and Daily Grill is getting in on the action. The Santa Monica-based chain launched three gourmet versions of the American staple last November, and its Dupont Circle location (the first of only four on the east coast) has seen burger sales double.
What’s their secret? General Manager Seth Merin said it was all about freshness at a burger taste testing event in Dupont Thursday evening. Aiming to grill “the best burger from the grind up,” the restaurant grinds its meat in-house twice a day; and at even medium-well, the patty melts in your mouth. Nestled among a menu of reliable American classics like meat loafs and apple cobbler, the sandwiches are a natural fit for the kitchen and clientele. 
But there’s something to be said for Daily Grill’s marketing, too. The wild mushroom burger, for example (think mushrooms and pesto aioli), was added to the menu after winning a “favorite burger” Facebook contest. And who knew burgers could be so glamorous?

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