Brussels Airlines Offers Night of Belgian Greats, Brussels Stopover

“If it’s about your destination to Europe, Brussels is still the place to be. Brussels remains a very accessible Capital… Home is never far away with all of these direct flights between United States and Brussels,” said Ambassador Dirk Wouters at an event to celebrate the seasonal relaunch of Brussels Airlines at Dacha Loft and Beer Garden in Shaw on Wednesday evening.

The event, a tour of Belgian greats, included bites by B Too Belgian Chef Bart Vandaele, beer pairings, and chocolates from Neuhaus.  Brussels Airlines also showcased its new Intercontinental Experience in virtual reality, and DJ Neekola provided the music.

“If it’s about your journey and the quality of your air travel to Europe, go with the Belgian Star,” said Wouters.  “There is quality of the interior, and there is a major retrofit going on of all the cabins of Brussels airlines flights.  Economy, Premium Economy – which is new – and Business Class.”

There is also quite a quality of atmosphere in this “boutique hotel in the air,” as the airline has converted its long haul cabin into a new small-scale feel, with unique Belgian character and personal service.  Business class includes a walk-up Belgian bar, 5 course meals, and a full flat bed with massage functions!

But the biggest news of the night was the Brussels StopOver.  Going beyond other popular airline stopover options, Brussels Airlines now allows patrons to book their flight with a stopover visit to Belgium of one to five days, including free access to several museums and sites in two Belgian cities of choice. With this product, Brussels Airlines hopes to stimulate the tourism in Belgium.

Ambassador Wouters appealed: “If you do not travel between Washington and Europe for the sake of travel, please do it for the sake of the economy!”

*Images credit Michael Woestehoff 

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