Bronzed Beauty

I didn’t get that sun-kissed look by hanging out at the beach! No, I had an essential sponsor… and we’re happy to announce that that sponsor is returning to sponsor us at K Street Kate.

Hollywood Tans did more than help me get a total, all-around glow for the Miss America stage -and look great for appearances all year long. Some of the other benefits of tanning include a boost in metabolism (stimulates the thyroid gland), decreases stress, helps clear skin and gets rid of those “Winter Blues.”

No appointment is necessary for their patented stand-up booths in Penn Quarter, and I’ve never had to wait! We suggest choosing from any of the membership packages, with no sign-up fee, and having a Hollywood Tans employee give you advice on tanning time and lotions depending on your skin type. Tell them you heard about it here!

Of course… we only want what’s best for you. We understand that extended exposure to UV rays is not ideal, and would not recommend compromising your health. Hollywood Tans also offers UV Free Spray Tan booths that give you that winter warm look (lasting 5-7 days) without the exposure.

Get that celebrity glow. Hollywood Tans is located at 625 D Street NW.

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