Books, Rooks & Kiwis

Literacy – it is the cause closest to my heart; the foundation to live a good and successful life. Almost 90% of fourth graders in the District read below grade level. Doing my part to fix this, I have joined the Board of FirstBook, a non-profit which gives children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books. My first meeting was yesterday… and I’m excited to bring you more ideas on how you can help address youth and adult literacy difficiencies in our communitiy. Check back for more!

Elle Collver’s New Zealand cutie (Quinn Lucas) was welcomed to Washington with a strong supper club showing at Sesto Senso last night. Seyhan Duru entertained us with stories of how the restaurant was the party spot in the ’80s. Now… the food is good! 🙂 The thirty-odd of twenty-to-forty-somethings split up between Fly and Rookery to end the evening.

I voted for the Rookery (it’s blocks from my front door!) and got to rock out to the Winn Brothers Band before calling it a night. Thank goodness I could hear the band from the front porch… stifling temperatures kept most of us from perching at the bar. I got to literally ‘rub elbows’ with some old favorites, though… Joe Robert (III) where have you been all my life?? 😉

Date auction tonight – enjoy the weekend!