Bonobos Guide Shop Opens in Georgetown

Even a Bonobo (aka pygmy chimpanzee) would want to try it on before they buy it. Now, the largest Internet-launched men’s clothing brand in the United States lets you.

Hinge’s Bennett Richardson – a Bonobos customer

Georgetown’s Bonobos Guideshop — the 6th ever — opened with a pants-happy/pour-happy party Monday night, with Founder and CEO Andy Dunn on hand to explain how Guides will help guys find just what they need.

CEO Andy Dunn chats with RHODC’s Mary Amons

While most experiences are moving online, Bonobos’ e-commerce experience is moving a bit more toward traditional retail.  Sort of.  Men schedule a (free!) appointment to try on the clothing in person IMG_7160before placing an order online.

It’s clicks to bricks — and back to clicks.

According to Dunn, the Guide Shop experience is the next greatest thing since the auto assembly line. Sort of.  Guess that means it’s a well oiled machine.

*Bonobos Georgetown is located at 3320 Cady’s Alley.

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