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Friday night’s fundraiser for the Heart of America Foundation was a lesson learned for me regarding the DC charitable scene. I have always said that I take pride in supporting everyone’s causes because I know that this will, in turn, give them the opportunity to support mine. In case you’ve been under a rock for 3 years (or are just beginning to visit this blog), mine is literacy.

If a person can’t read, they can’t complete some of the simplest tasks, like filling out a job application. If they can’t get a job, they can’t contribute to society in some of the simplest forms, like paying taxes. If they can’t earn wages and pay taxes, then they become more of a burden on the rest of us. How do we fix this?… Go back to step one. Teach people to read, and give them the books and other tools to do it.

Last night, I held a fee free fundraiser at Skye Lounge for HOA. HOA gives children books, builds libraries at schools where populations are underserved, and even goes a step farther with character building exercises. It is one of those non-profits that speaks to my cause – and so much more. I am thrilled and honored by the turnout that we received from around the DC area, and particularly those with whom I have never spoken or even met. However, I will admit that I am disappointed in others whom I expected to reciprocate, because I have given them so much of my own time and effort.

Very special thanks go out to Morgan Ortagus and Jonathan Weinberger, Linda Krell (and thanks for being unofficial photog!), Pamela Sorensen, Drew Wise, Kevin Roots, Walid Karim and Shelby Burcham, and of course the entire HOA and Skye teams. We had a great time, raised funds and awareness for literacy and character education, and promoted the Des Alpes Fashion Show coming up on May 11th.

If nothing else, now the rest of you know the cause to which I am devoted. The next time you ask me to host a fundraiser for three legged dogs, or promote a party for orphaned sewer rats, do you expect me to jump up to help you? Maybe when pigs fly… and dogs and rats can READ.

One thought on “BitterSweet Skye

  1. Since DC has lost its collective sense of humor, I guess I have to clarify that I have never actually been asked to host a charity party for three legged dogs or orphaned sewer rats 🙂 (I think, at least I’m hoping, I made those up!)

    And of course I’m always happy to help truly honest causes – support is what makes the world go ’round! The point of the post was to say that no one cause is better than another, but we all have one that’s ‘ours’.

    I help you. You help me. And we all make the world a better place.

    Oh yeah – and I like to be snarky sometimes 😉

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