Best Buddies Ball

A couple of weekends ago, I received the most gracious invitation to attend the Best Buddies Ball. This event is annually held at the home of Mr. Sergeant Shriver and Mrs. Eunice Kennedy-Shriver and hosted by their son, Anthony.

What a night! It started off with a silent auction of tables crammed with amazing prizes for bidding, including trips, jewelry, dining prizes, and so much more! Then a live auction completed the charity fundraiser.

During the seated dinner, which was presented in HUGE tents in the backyard of the home, a number of speakers stressed the importance of the Best Buddies Program. yet none was more eloquent than the program participant that was being honored for her enthusiasm and active service.

I already knew that I would be in good company, but I was thrilled to see Miss District of Columbia 2005, Shannon Schambeau, in attendance as well. She continues her work with the Special Olympics and continues to be a role-model and mentor for me.

(By the way, I did steal a few seconds to take a look around the home and see the amazing pictures of the Kennedy family. WOW!)