Best Bites: Top Ten on Buddha Bar’s New Menu

Additions to Buddha Bar’s culinary team mean a little bit of menu tweaking as well.  Old favorites are still to be found… but here we run down the best of the “spiritual” spots new noshes:

10 – Be tempted by tempura… start with the hot Rock Shrimp Tempura with Sweet Chili Aioli appetizer.  Those shrimp aren’t shrimpy!

9 – Then get Spicy… Tuna Tartar with Avocado.  One of the things Buddha Bar does best is fish.  This one is raw and ready, a perfect dinner party pleaser.

8 – Something else to put in your little black book?  Roasted Black Cod with Miso and Yuzu Sauce.  Only a few local restos offer black cod, also known as Sablefish, and almost none are this good!

7 – The Baked Sea Scallops with Lobster Truffle Emulsion are truly dynamite.

6 – It can be dazzling to dine in the presence of a gold-plaited deity… but the Monk Fish with Okonomiyaki just might leave you speechless.

5 – A good portion of meat comes with the Mongolian Grilled Flat Iron Steak, accompanied by a triangle (literally) of rice.  The light sauce is spectacular.

4 – Chinese Hot Pot.  Not just any soup.  Expect some spice.  A great one to perk up a doldrums kind of day.

3 – Try the Thai… Style Red Curry Shrimp with Lemongrass Jasmine Rice.  

2 – Sushi.  In this case, enough said.  (Although ordering by the roll is infinitely more economical than per piece at this place!)  A favorite has to be the Spicy Double Tuna Tempura Roll.

1 – Ommmm… Korean Style Pork Ribs.  K Street Kate’s #1 must-order item on the new menu.  Fall off the bone and full of flavor.


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