Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Alehouse Now Making Waves in Rosslyn

Blimey! Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Alehouse has dropped anchor in Arlington — giving Rosslyn a destination bar and restaurant that’ll make waves.  We walked the plank to bring you a preview of its bites of bounty last week in advance of the restaurant’s opening this Thursday.img_6955

Things to know:  All hands are on deck at the Heavy Seas Ale House bar, flowing with hefty micro brews and beer cocktails.  You won’t have to make like a pirate to get a prime pour.

Akin to Heavy Seas’ beers, the Alehouse’s dishes balance boldness and finesse with a focus on fresh.  But don’t just go to eat… explore the ship.

img_7011Executive Chef Matt Seeber offers seafood staples — calamari, raw oysters, fish tacos — but make sure to “dock” and dine on the duck, or muscles in a lobster bisque, which are in a league of their own.

Feeling marooned in Rosslyn?  Heavy Seas Alehouse is opening and it’s high time! 

Spotted & Snapped: Check out these images from last week’s opening party on the Heavy Seas…

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