Bad Monkey Bar Lab Comes to DC’s Provision 14

The Bad Monkey Bar Lab is an interactive workshop where bartenders learn to flip and flair and get pro tips on upping their garnish game, dive deep into the world of bitters and more.

And this week, it came to DC’s Provision 14.

Hosted by Monkey Shoulder Ambassador Vance Henderson, the daylong workshop also included instruction by Josue Romero, Mezcalero Bar (LA); Yael Vengroff, The Spare Room (LA); Nectaly Mendoza, Herbs & Rye/Cleaver (Las Vegas); Dev Johnson, Employees Only (NYC); Ezra Star, Drink (Boston); Christian Delpech, Mr. Coco (Las Vegas) and Kristin Koefod, 18,21 Bitters (Atl).

Coming to only four cities, attendees in DC on Monday learned all aspects of the trade with short classes that feature a hands-on element tying back to Monkey Shoulder’s “Play With Your Whisky” theme.

And get a load of that 2,400-gallon cocktail shaker on site!