Artist Led Sculpture Tours in Foggy Bottom

If you live in Foggy Bottom, there is a reason why that house on the corner has a stack of caution cones… and the one down the street has a bent red tube on prominent display.

These are part of the ongoing Arts in Foggy Bottom project, and the neighborhood will be showing its 13 sculptures (of the Sculpting Outside the Lines exhibition) through artist-led tours in July and August.

Curator Laura Roulet leads the first — twilight — tour of “Sculpting Outside the Lines,” followed by an art-full gathering at the River Inn, on Friday, July 6, 8 PM, inviting all to see the art in a new light: darkness.

Features include the projection of Jefferson Pinder‘s videos Car Wash, Invisible Man and the premiere of Elevator Music. Other highlights (best viewed after dark) are Peter Lee‘s and Blake Turner‘s Craig’sList Unrequited, an interactive projection and sound piece, live-streamed from the Internet, and Barbara Liotta‘s stunning tapestry Dark Sun.

Interested tour-ists should meet at 8 PM at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and I Street, NW, in Historic Foggy Bottom. Tour is free.  Cash bar afterparty at River Inn.

Other daytime artist-led summer tours:

  • Patrick McDonough creator of #CR4010 Photo Mural, Saturday, July 21, 11 AM
  • Chas Colburn, sculptor and Arts in Foggy Bottom advisory board member, Saturday, August 18, 11 AM

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