ARTECHOUSE’s Latest Exhibit Introduces a New Way to Concert

ARTECHOUSE‘s latest exhibit introduces visitors to a new way of experiencing live music and concerts.
Transient: Impermanent Pairings recently opened. This first-of-its-kind partnership with Italian multimedia artist Quayola is sound-centric (and sound-eccentric!), using tech as a lens to explore music in a new way.
Transient: Impermanent Pairings merges technology-based art and what was once a live performance experience. A series of audiovisual paintings created by Quayola, in concert with generative algorithms, reimagines the concert for 21st-century audiences.
“This exhibition aims to blur the boundaries between image and sound, presenting a series of immersive audiovisual installations along with motorized pianosTransient does not generate finite music and paintings, rather it presents the impermanence that lies behind its algorithmic potential.” —Quayola
The exhibit will run through March 3, 2022 — and look! We found a deal!