An Affair of the Heart

Well over 1,000 women joined Mistress of Ceremonies Kathleen Matthews and Chairwomen Darby Gingery and Christie Swanson as Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase and the American Heart Association partnered Monday afternoon for the 64th annual “Affair of the Heart” Luncheon & Fashion show.

Presenting “The Best of Saks Fifth Avenue” in Spring trends like coveted lady like dresses, refined embellishment, high voltage hues, citrus brights, icy pastels, abstract florals, graphic design, global prints, petit purses and clutches, male and female models provided the runway entertainment for an afternoon that also included a lively lunch and auction.

Creating awareness of heart disease, the fundraiser also funds research targeting this #1 killer of women.  And in particular this year, the women’s committee focused on women’s warning signs for heart attack and stroke.

“We want you to shop,” said Saks Chevy Chase’s General Manager.  Then joked, “but we don’t want to give the men a heart attack.”

Luncheon guests not only bought showcased fashions at an event discount, but directed a percentage of each sale to benefit the American Heart Association.


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