Alive Juices: Gulp Down the Healthy Goodness


If you’re like the majority of us, you’re making a health a priority as you dive into the New Year.  But while January is already half done, your resolve to get your butt to the gym and cut back on the cake may have already fallen by the wayside.

But we found something that’s easy for you to do, customizable to your taste, and will at least help you ingest the nutrients you need to be on the right track.  It’s called Alive Juices, and it’s a fresh pressed made-to-order juice delivery service that reaches the DC metro area.

Client testimonials have raved that it’s their favorite juice cleanse.  But we think you’ll like it even if you aren’t a “juicer.”  Us, we love it because of the variety of delicious flavors… and because of the inspirational health tips the company sends to our inboxes each week!

Alive isn’t the first — or last — juicing company to create blends based on ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  If you’re looking to lose weight, drinking these juices can be a meal replacement. Otherwise, they are excellent cleansing & nourishing supplements as they’ll fill you up for several hours.

All Alive Juices contain the ingredients apples, ginger, garlic and lemon, but the flavors vary significantly from there.  Our favorite is Morning Sunshine — probably because of the tart sweet pineapple.  And each juice has only around 200 calories, but packs a nutrient punch.

So make it easy on yourself and try getting your 16 ounces of goodness from an Alive Juice in a glass mason jar jug (return these to avoid a $1 surcharge per jar!).  Then your healthy New Year is good to go in a few daily gulps.

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