A Thirsty Thursday

Since I ended up having to walk home from work Thursday afternoon (isn’t the Circulator supposed to come through every 10 minutes??) I did make a point to stop in (to cool off!) to the Four Seasons for the weekly Thursday Toasts and Tastes in the Garden Terrace promotion. This week’s features: Belvedere Vodka… and probably Keith Lipert Antiques as he was conspicuously in attendance.

Just as the usual crowd started to roll in, I had to jet to make it in time to celebrate Atila‘s birthday at the City Tavern Club. A good group of us gathered before the big birthday bash to enjoy a wonderful seafood meal prepared by Chef Polk and entertainment provided by Susie Coggins and Sam Dredge. Sam’s band will be playing at CTC on Aug. 12th – don’t miss it!
Still, something was missing. Where was the re-cap of the night or the forum of crazy caddiness the next morning on LNS?!? Just like Atila, Ford, and Reed to always leave us thirsting for more!