A Simple Man?

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty may have ditched his security detail in an effort to solidify his “man of the people” image. The motorcade takes up less space in the morning madness on Massachusetts these days – and the Mayor spends a lot more time driving around with the rest of us looking for a parking spot.

Fenty’s apparent mentor, Mayor Bloomberg of New York, may have set the precedent. Bloomberg takes the subway to work… and much as Fenty borrowed Bloomberg’s ideas on his school takeover initiative, Fenty decided to follow in his footsteps to become a simpler man.

Kudos to Fenty for his efforts, but the premise is a bit bogus.

Why should average people in DC want their “celebrities” to act like them? Shouldn’t the Mayor be entitled to some special treatment? And most of all, why should maintaining a pollable image keep him from the security he actually does need? We crave celebrity and call for inferiority. We expect great sacrifice, even taking away the small perks of the job.

My thoughts – If we continue to demand that our politicians/celebrities cut corners, our great men and women won’t apply for the job, and we really will be forced to submit to the leadership of a simple man.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Man?

  1. I am curious, why would one consider it anything BUT inspiring for an elected official to take less when he was offered more?

    Who is going to want to be Mayor if they don’t get special perks? Probably people who are committed to serving the public.

    Asking this question is kind of like asking: Who would want to be Miss D.C. even though she doesn’t get many of the material things that other states get? I guess it must be this whole stupid idea about service…

  2. I hope you are kidding. “celebrities”?? Madonna is a celebrity not Fenty — he is a public servant. To think that one deserves special treatment for being a public servant is absurd and I applaud his decision whether or not I agree with his politics. At least he doesn’t spend his entire time as Mayor at Play Lounge rubbing his own ego, making fabulous appearances and name dropping. ARGH

  3. Oh and people don’t apply for the job because of special perks — they apply because they love this country and want to make a difference.

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