A Renaissance of Warhol

Everyone is familiar with Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup imagery. But did you know that he was commissioned to develop an advertising campaign for Martini & Rossi Vermouth as well?

Last night’s Capitol File party at the Renaissance M Street Hotel launched a new campaign for the “aperatif cocktail trend,” featuring 6 limited edition cocktails (I sipped on the strong Warhol Manhattan…) but showcasing Warhol’s 1950’s imagery for the brand.
Some guests dressed in mod attire, some had their own photos taken in the Warhol style, but all enjoyed a great evening at the Renaissance M Street Hotel.

*It was also a night to celebrate Jayne Sandman’s three years working for Capitol File/Niche Media. Just yesterday, Jayne announced that she would be moving on from the magazine to pursue other opportunities. We wish her all the best!!

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