A DC Day o’ Signings: Schwarzenegger, Reichs Focus Book Signings on Family

A cloudy sky is the perfect reason to break open a bestseller, right? Two notable authors in DC Tuesday were hoping that a downpour would likewise bring you to their book party…

Both political and personal, Kerry Reichs‘ “What You Wish For” and Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” delve into topics close to their personal lives (in the Governator’s case, with a no hold’s barred apology to Maria Shriver and a begging to come back) and a sprinkling of issues of importance to November’s election (Reichs’ focus on women’s reproductive issues couldn’t be more timely!).

At his signing at The Hamilton, Schwarzenegger admitted his focus was on “trying to bring my family back together again,” while at Reichs’, blocks away at Morton’s Steakhouse, she talked about trying to to grow hers by having another child.


In an interesting cross-coincidence, ‘The Arnold’ left his signing at a music/performance venue to have a steak dinner with his daughter… and Reichs left a steakhouse for home to sing a bedtime lullaby to her son.

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