A Day at the Salon

You would probably be surprised to hear that I’ve never treated myself to a facial before. Nope, pageant pretty doesn’t mean big bank account, and I rarely enjoy the luxury of even a mani/pedi, much less the spa package extraordinaire. I now know what I’ve been missing!

Last week, Piaf Salon offered me the chance to “research” their delightful Spa Package #3 (which includes a skin renewal facial along with mani/pedi). I was totally psyched about the nail grooming, but I have to admit, I was scared to have someone mess with my face.

As Debbie led me to the back room for the preliminary once-over and skin consultation, I let her know that I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Forty-five minutes later, I was relaxed as could be… various soothing creams, two face masks (moisturizing and protein!) that smelled good enough to eat, aromatherapy and light massage had me almost asleep on the table. And my face not only looked better immediately, but it felt healthier, too.

My first facial. Hooked. I knew I would be a repeat customer.

Haven’t tried it? Pamper yourself before the summer ends… even if it’s just for a mani or pedi (those services were great as well!). You can have an experience like mine or other day spa packages (and hair, skin and nail care and make-up application) at Piaf Salon. Spa Package #3 is experienced for only $125.

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