6th Annual G40 Art Summit Goes Lowbrow

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Think art is always a highbrow affair?  Not according to this year’s G40 Art Summit by Art Whino.  This 6th annual group art exhibition and showcase — going on now — brings together world-renowned Lowbrow and street culture artists for one month. More than 150 artists are currently creating, installing, or mounting more than 500 works of art to be on view in DC for a limited time.

What is Lowbrow art?  It’s also known as “pop surrealism,” and you could think of it as graphic and cartoonish.  Some love this art because it has a definite sense of humor (often sarcastic).

And there will be a crush of comix creativity going on.  Check out the large group show including works from over 70 different artists from around the world;    During the Summit’s special ‘Installation’ theme and challenge, some 60+ select artists will create not only their canvases/works on paper/etc., but also the large-scale backgrounds on which to set them;  Muralist Pener (Bartek Pener Świątecki) will paint a vast mural on the exterior of a building… in which hundreds of pieces of art will be showcased.  And as if that isn’t enough, Whino on H will take over a building in the heart of the H Street corridor to host entertainment programming (read: presentations of music and performance art) to enhance the G40 Summit’s visual art experience.

All of this art, the events, and the activities are free and open to the public.  That’s about as lowbrow (or we’ll say artfully accessible) as it gets!



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