6th Annual Funk Parade “Keeps The Funk Alive” Under New Management

Image credit: Gosia Turalska for Funk Parade

Funk Parade, DC’s one-of-a-kind day fair/parade/music festival, returned on May 11, 2019 to “Keep The Funk Alive.”

Making music throughout the U Street neighborhood from early afternoon to late into the evening at over 15 venues, this year’s Funk Parade fell under new management (The MusicianShip) and included some new features

Image credit: Imani Washington

— like a new #DontMuteDC conference, bringing musicians, council members, government officials and local activists together to lead candid conversations about the city’s culture, community and housing.

The new Funk parade also introduced new stage activations and paid over 400 individual performers, even those who were unable to perform due to the weather (and an early technical glitch).

Image credit: Mike Landsman

Despite the rain, thousands of festival goers enjoyed the 6th annual event, including Mayor Bowser and staff.  Performers didn’t let the downpour dampen their spirits, taking to streets and stages to bring the funk and tons of fun along with it.

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