305 Fitness: There’s No Preparing for This Workout Party Craze

Boutique fitness workouts are amazing for allowing exercisers to customize their athletic activities and atmosphere.  Some prefer bootcamps; some like high cardio or toning routines; and some like workouts that feel less physical training and more like a party.

(305) Fitness, 1328 Florida Ave NW, is for the club crowd.  Definitely a non-stop aerobic workout, this 55 minute dance party comes complete with a live DJ and fitness moves that don’t even need to be disguised as toning techniques.

For 55 minutes, participants will jump, squat, lunge, dance (or generally bounce and gyrate since the actual choreography is never broken down or taught).  The energy is certainly contagious, even if the steps aren’t as catching.

You might feel caught unaware — as we were during our fitness session — but (305) Fitness assures that no previous dance experience is necessary, and to be honest, it’s probably preferable.  (As a former professional myself, it was frustrating that the choreography wasn’t shown in advance.  But if I hadn’t had that expectation, I likely would have enjoyed myself more.)

What you will definitely experience is a room full of sweaty and energetic enthusiasts, and supremely sore muscles as soon as the very next day.

We love a night out dancing, and appreciate that this fitness class gives off more of a party vibe than a gym session — for better or worse.  It was fun (and I certainly wake up sore), but it’s not for those who like more structure to their workouts.

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