2019 National Wine Fest Pours, Literally

@2ndGlassCitizen and Friend attend the 2019 National Wine & Food Festival

To be fair, the National Wine Festival, put on by The Trigger Agency, is a two day affair. But for the last few years, one of those days — whichever day I’ve attended — is a downpour.

Now, you could use my rough luck as a barometer to find out which day to attend for sipping under sunny skies next year… but first, contemplate this:

The festival may be that much more wonderful in wet weather.

Learn something deliciously useful at the Whole Food Market Flavor Station

The 11th annual event had an expanded footprint right on the waterfront with 150+ international wines, spirits and beers on offer. It’s always a blast, and always brings a crowd. But participation is noticeably thinner in cloudy and wet weather.

That’s right, when the rain comes, it’s better!

There are less people; shorter lines, and many most staff liberally offering double pours.  You already know that specialty tents, like the annual Stella Artois Speciality Craft Beer tasting, are most likely going to get the most love — people are trying to stay dry! So if you don’t mind your outfit getting soaked, you can also soak up all of the tasting sips.

Tamara Ashford and Constance Christakos attend on 2019’s National Wine & Food Fest’s rainy Sunday

Only Wine Fest rookies don’t already know to ALWAYS spring for the VIP tickets.  Not only are the better bottles served to the VIP braceleted, but this is also the section that offers food included with your ticket.  Guess who had an oyster buffet Sunday afternoon?  This girl!  VIP ticket holders on a rainy afternoon have an honest-to-goodness Golden Ticket to some of the best food and wine available anywhere — with little competition to get to it.  Another boon for the rainy day festival fiend!

If you do need to seek shelter from the rain, consider actually sitting and learning from the celebrity chefs offering cooking demonstrations in the Whole Foods Market Flavor Station. While a sunnier day might cause a little “fruit FOMO” — who has time when there are so many Cabernets in the queue?? — precipitation may actually allow you to learn something and meet that celeb chef you’ve been ogling for ages. Yes, Victor Albisu (Taco Bamba), Scott Drewno (Chiko), Johanna Hellrigl (Doi Moi), and Alex McCoy (Dukes Grocery) were there this year!

So bring on 2020.  It’ll be a blast either way, but I hope I pick the day it pours.