Rum Runners!

Nelson’s Blood, Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Pirate’s Drink, Navy Neaters, Barbados Water… whatever you want to call the sweet stiff stuff made of sugar cane, otherwise known as rum.  We’ll call it our Drink of the Day, because August 16th is National Rum Day! And here are our… Read More

Seth Says: What Restaurant to Go To, When

Nightlife Maverick Seth McClelland is co-owner & Executive Chef of One Lounge Restaurant and a real estate developer with a penchant for restoring historic properties.  His gift for turning empty spaces into destinations also translates into curating venues for their cool-factor.  Here, McClelland presents the first in a series as… Read More

Shakespeare Free For All

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…” – Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar… The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Free for All (FFA) is a program to provide FREE performances of Shakespearean classics to the general public. This year, power and politics take center stage — much as you’d… Read More

[Party Pix] Color Wars!

Target Acquired. Weapons HOT. Sunday’s Color Wars was part Birthday Bash/ mostly Beer Games, to celebrate Courtney Stecker, athleticism, and liver tolerance…Now in its fourth year, the actively alcoholic Sunday Funday is the brainchild of Stecker’s fiancé, Judy Mayka. Teams compete for the championship in… Read More