201 Gets a 2.0

The Senate side doesn’t have that Pennsylvania Ave. row of “beer bars.”  Instead, its staffers frequented a swanky swill spot (formerly) called Lounge 201.

But in case you missed the Declaration, lounges are sooo 2010.  So 201 entered phase 2.0.  Now, there’s 201 Bar.  Looks like some acts of Congress may just make that Senate side row of beer bars come to be.

Gone is the modern lounge with a martini menu and neon colored cocktails.  In its place, instead, is a craft beer and small batch wine selection in a now trendier-than-usual tavern.

We’d lament the loss of the lounge, but the majority of Hill staffers have likely passed the bar anyway.

*201 Bar is located at 201 Massachusetts Ave.

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